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When ordering online you must pay by either laser card or credit card.
All payments are made through Realex, a safe and secure payment website.

How do I order oil?

There are a number of ways you can order oil. You can order online by simply clicking the 'order online' button and fill in the required information. Alternatively, you can contact the office directly on 021 4632417.

How can I pay for my oil delivery?

When using the online facility you can pay by credit card or laser card. You can also contact the office and pay over the phone or by EFT. Our drivers can also accept payment either by credit card, laser card, cheque or cash.

How secure will my payment be?

Payments made through our online facility are processed and authorised using Realex Payments technology. This is a secure payment site and all details are protected using latest technology.

How long before my oil is delivered?

We can generally guarantee next day delivery of oil but depending on the time of year and weather conditions delivery may take longer. However if you require your delivery urgently please let us know when ordering delivery and we will endeavor to get it to you as soon as possible.

Will I be contacted prior to delivery?

If you wish to be contacted before delivery please insert a note in Special Requirements and our driver will contact you on route

Will I have to be home to accept delivery?

It is not imperative that you are there once the driver is able to access your oil tank.

How will I know my oil has been delivered?

A copy invoice / deliver docket will be left for you stating the number of litres delivered and the value of the delivery

How much oil should I order?

Our minimum delivery is 300L.

What if I take less oil than I ordered?

Our drivers are trained to check your oil tanks proir to delivery being made. This ensures that your tank is filled only to the capacity it will hold. If this is less than you have ordered, you will be refunded the difference. The unit price may vary if there is a substantial difference.

Do prices quoted include delivery?

Prices quoted include delivery.
Prices quoted will always include VAT unless otherwise stated.